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Delivery Focused Agile Consultancy

Proven Success

“Fractal Systems were pivotal in increasing our productivity by 25%. With the Fractal Team we achieved 80% of our goals whilst growing 4X and onboarding £20 billion in assets”

Head of Quant

Top Tier Investment Bank

“Fractal Systems reduced our testing costs by 60%. The Fractal Team
accelerated delivery by introducing automation in legacy systems, resolving problems we had been unable to solve for over 5 years.”


Global Investment Firm

“The Fractal Team helped us get to 100% delivery within a few sprints. And ten teams went from 6 months of non-delivery to achieving every sprint goal for 6 sprints in a row.”


Global Head of Product

Global Investment Bank

” Fractal Systems enabled 5 million in savings and 70% reduction in external resources. Fractal re-aligned the programme, launched agile;  trained the business and technical teams whilst maintaining consistent delivery. Incredible.”


European Asset Manager

We help financial institutions build and embed lasting agile capability, whilst enabling delivery of mission-critical programmes.

In volatile, disruptive markets, firms require transparency, collaboration and communication to adapt at speed. We partner with your organisation to help you lean into the challenge. Incorporating agile project management ensures you can consistently deliver, reaching solutions sustainably and seamlessly.

Fractal Systems are a specialist agile project management company who are experts in turning around strategic, complex multi-million pound change delivery programmes. We’ll help you future-proof your business with responsive processes that allow your team to become adaptable, resilient and effectively deliver value.

Agile Transformation

We assist firms in delivering value faster. By creating resilient agile capabilities, we help organisations out-learn and out-perform the competition.

With deep experience implementing agile within financial services, we partner with you towards delivering value from the start of every project, incorporating a lean delivery management approach that successfully embeds agile mindsets, skillsets and culture within your firm.

Project and Programme Recovery

Waterfall projects and programmes frequently struggle to deliver results, while agile programmes fail when improperly implemented.

We help firms reverse delivery failures by embedding pragmatic, effective agile approaches. Through close collaboration, we rapidly recover challenged programmes to accelerate delivery.

Online Scrum Training

We offer immersive, interactive online training to ensure future agilists thrive in today’s hyper-competitive world. Our professional scrum trainers help you acquire new, meaningful skills that measurably increase capability and impact.

Rapid learning through cutting edge training allows teams to build on their knowledge, while continuing to deliver value-driven results.  

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Driving and Sustaining Innovative Capabilities With Agile Project Management

During global uncertainty, wasted time and potential can play no part in your organisation. We partner with your firm until you’re ready to go it alone. Our team help you achieve your targets at accelerated rates, while helping you adopt a culture that leaves you resilient to any change or challenge you come across.

Learn about the companies we’ve helped to succeed.

Embrace Change. Move with Purpose

Traditional business models will struggle to survive in rapidly-changing markets without the ability to adapt and adjust. Agile transformation disrupts perceived constraints to drive delivery, add value and create real organisational change.

What Our Clients Say

“With Jay from Fractal Systems, our teams meaningfully increased productivity and eliminated friction whilst operating sustainably. Importantly, I saw the collaboration, engagement and openness of our group grow and remain permanent through challenging deadlines and sometimes turbulent conditions. As deeply experienced delivery agents, Fractal Systems come with a pragmatic discipline and the ability to train, mentor and coach teams and executive leadership to embed relentless value delivery whilst building consistent internal resilience through close collaboration.”

Ben Corris, Quantitative Portfolio Manager, Schroders

“I have known Jay from the Fractal Systems team in both a professional & personal capacity for just over a year now; and have worked closely with him in the Investment Asset & Fund Management space – applying Agile principles into a work stream on a large re-platforming project. With Fractal Systems, you’re signing on a team who will not only be an asset to the organisation with focused determination to deliver, deliver & deliver more, but also people who will help inspire, encourage and lead others around them instinctively.”

Andy Plater, Customer Proposition, Workplace Investing at Fidelity International

“I’ve worked with Jay from Fractal Systems several times over the last few years and recently on a key initiative. I can’t recommend them highly enough. They bring expert knowledge of all modes of agile, but manage to combine this with deep care for the humans who are working together and a solid coaching ethic. Jay brings a firm discipline to process while remaining approachabile and is highly professional. Teams working with him simply get better at what they do and how they operate, in a safe and friendly space established by Jay.”

Mike Renwick, Head of Data Enablement, Schroders


“Fractal Systems’ approach makes a complex subject simple. Zero PowerPoint is as refreshing as it is unique and effective! The goal of training is more than just knowledge acquisition; it is empowerment through knowledge and that’s what they deliver. “

Geoff Warren, EpiCX Readiness & Deployment Lead, Roche