Helping leaders deliver agile programmes with reduced risk

47% of agile transformations fail to deliver the intended results. We support leaders in financial services to reduce this risk in agile transformation and to swiftly regain control in project recovery of critical projects.


Achieve delivery goals easier than ever before

Agile Transformation

We partner with you towards delivering value from the start of every project assisting firms in delivering value faster. By creating resilient agile capabilities we help organisations out-learn and out-perform the competition and implement a successful agile programme.

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Project Recovery

We help firms reverse delivery failures by embedding pragmatic, effective agile approaches. Through close collaboration, we rapidly recover challenged programmes to reduce the risk of project failure and accelerate delivery.

Download our 5-step approach to re-structure your programme for rapid turnaround

Online Scrum Training

We offer immersive, interactive online training to ensure future agilists thrive in today’s hyper-competitive world. Book a course today or talk to us about how we can tailor our training to suit your needs.

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Developing High Performance Agile Teams

We understand the high pressure financial services industry and the cost implications of critical projects to the business. We believe in sustainable change to create co-dependent teams that increase performance and ROI on key projects. Through our senior business leader consulting, training, mentoring and coaching, we can offer a tailored service that enables collaboration and delivers success in reaching business goals.

Proven delivery of Agile Project Management Success

Fractal Systems were pivotal in increasing our productivity by 25%. With the Fractal Team we achieved 80% of our goals whilst growing 4X and onboarding £20 billion in assets

Head of QuantTop Tier Investment Bank

The Fractal Team helped us get to 100% delivery within a few sprints. And ten teams went from 6 months of non-delivery to achieving every sprint goal for 6 sprints in a row.

Global Head of ProductGlobal Investment Bank

Fractal Systems enabled 5 million in savings and 70% reduction in external resources. Fractal re-aligned the programme, launched agile; trained the business and technical teams whilst maintaining consistent delivery. Incredible.

DirectorEuropean Asset Manager

Fractal Systems reduced our testing costs by 60%. The Fractal Team accelerated delivery by introducing automation in legacy systems, resolving problems we had been unable to solve for over 5 years.

DirectorGlobal Investment Firm

Learn from trainers who are constantly at work within the industry, operating at the sharp edge of delivery.

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