Specialised agile support to business leaders to deliver programme results

We understand what is at stake for business leaders in delivering agile projects. Fractal Systems was born out of the frustration of witnessing the failings of agile implementation. We have seen too many good projects struggle. We have the experience and ability to turn around agile programmes to deliver the results you need.


Who we are

Fractal Systems Consulting is an Agile delivery consultancy. We think differently – we have grown based on our reputation of delivering consistent value and project results. We help our clients deliver or recover their strategic programmes using our proprietary application of Agile. We believe in long term gain and strong teamwork to create a sustainable future for your organisation.

Case Studies
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Adopt & apply agility through close partnership, real-time and side by side

Through training, mentoring, coaching and consulting with business leaders and teams across high-pressure industries, we deliver success consistently through close collaboration.

From our extensive experience, we’ve developed an Agile Toolkit that can be applied to more than IT and software development teams.

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Applying Our Values & Commitment

Consistent Value Delivery

Within rapidly changing market conditions, a business’s ability to operate in a lean way is crucial. We help you lead with this outcome in mind – enabling you to prioritise value throughout your operations, and work more efficiently. Using a player-coach framework, our team ensures you deliver value from the very start. We train, mentor and coach teams to become resilient and co-dependent. In this way, our clients actively engage their entire organisation and boost productivity.

Optimised Learning

We help organisations ask the necessary questions. This helps to overcome ingrained constraints and disrupt ineffective working patterns. Actively engaging with challenges and opportunities builds innovation in every facet of an organisation, cultivating a culture of purposeful learning and constant growth. We train, mentor and coach teams to build on successes and deliver sustainable results rapidly. Improved team performance in this way can empower your organisation.

Close Partnership

We work as one with our clients throughout agile delivery. We share goals with our partners and work side by side on the pitch to accelerate delivery, upskill their teams and aggressively manage risk.

Approach to incremental delivery & performance gains

When it comes to helping clients unlock dramatic performance gains, we enable them to learn and embed proven agile frameworks using lean-change frameworks that provide consistent, incremental delivery and performance gains.

Transformations shouldn’t result in impaired delivery. Our clients regularly report increased productivity and engagement within their teams in just a few weeks of working together.

We are more than just Agile professionals. Our active consulting team has a solid background in behavioural change technologies, working with clients every day. Our goal is to teach business leaders and teams how to bring behavioural change that is impactful and useful to any team they engage with. By helping teams to discover where they are within their maturity cycle we support our clients in making the right moves to ensure that performance improves dramatically and measurably.

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Transforming Working Cultures in the Financial Sector

Our client, positioned in the investment division of a global bank, enlisted our partnership to help prioritise the driving of value during a time of rapid growth.


Reducing Risks: Building Transparency Within Teams

Our client, the distribution department within a global investment bank, inexperienced in agile, required Fractal Systems’ support…