Agile Consulting Services From Fractal Systems

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Close Partnership to Drive Value Led Delivery

Our agile consulting experts partner with you to guide your agile strategy, working closely with your team to ensure you can independently utilise agile frameworks, and consistently deliver value.
Each of our consultants have deep experience in both living and delivering agile frameworks, offering expertise to benefit every aspect of your company’s operations.

Agile Transformation

Managing the transition from traditional working practices is critically important to the adoption and sustainability of change. We advocate a lean change management approach, implementing transformation in pragmatic incremental slices that are prioritised to maximize goals, minimise risk and consistently deliver value.

Optimised Learning

We help organisations ask the necessary questions to overcome ingrained constraints and disrupt ineffective working patterns. Actively engaging with challenges and opportunities builds innovation in every facet of an organisation, cultivating a culture of constant growth. We empower your organisation to build on successes and deliver sustainable results rapidly. 

Value-Driven Delivery

Within rapidly changing market conditions, a business’s ability to operate in a lean way is crucial to their resilience. We help you lead with the outcome in mind in order to operate as efficiently as possible, enabling you to prioritise value throughout each aspect of your business operations. Using a player-coach framework, our team ensure you deliver value from the very start. In this way our clients avoid a drop in productivity, and actively engage their entire organisation.

Close Collaboration

Our agile transformations prioritise collaborative strategies that generate momentum in every aspect of your organisation. Our Agile Consulting helps introduce agile capabilities incrementally, with the backing of both leadership and grass-roots teams, we ensure results are consistently delivered, and transformation is successfully sustained as the organisation moves towards faster delivery, lower risk and greater capability.

Our Agile Consulting Delivery

We offer a range of agile consultancy options to support your business on the journey towards business agility. 

Agile Transformation

Agile frameworks embedded through close partnership prepare you to react positively to market conditions, building sustainable strategies that help you grow, adapt and deliver faster.

Project Recovery

Project recovery re-aligns programme and project teams to relentlessly deliver via the implementation of proven agile frameworks, finding solutions and ensuring maximum value is delivered at pace.

Online Scrum Training

Acquiring new skills and knowledge lets you thrive within a competitive world. Our training programme helps you turn challenges into opportunities, increase the capability of faster delivery, and reduce both cost and risk across your organisation.

Types of Business We Consult For

A range of businesses can benefit from Agile Consulting which are listed below.

Bank Projects

Banks can benefit from Agile Consulting to help understand what may hold a high value project back.

Business Management

Business management systems and processes can be developed with the Agile and Scrum framework to help manage large projects.

Finance Projects

Finance projects need to be flexible and able to adapt to ever-changing markets which is one of the key benefits of Agile.