Agile Consulting Services

We understand the risk for business leaders of agile project failure in financial services. We provide consulting services to turn around failing agile projects to quickly regain control of critical projects. We also provide ongoing consulting services to ensure project delivery stays on track and to ensure agile teams are productive and effective in achieving business goals.

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Our Unique Approach to Drive Value Led Delivery

  1. Our agile consulting experts partner with you to guide your agile strategy, working closely with your team to ensure you can independently utilise agile frameworks, and consistently deliver value. Each of our consultants has deep experience in both living and delivering agile frameworks.
  2. Priority of team collaboration to generate momentum in every aspect of your organisation. Our Agile Consulting helps introduce agile capabilities incrementally, with the backing of both leadership and grass-roots teams to ensure results are consistently delivered, and transformation is successfully sustained as the organisation moves towards faster delivery, lower risk and greater capability.
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Agile Transformation

We partner with you towards delivering value from the start of every project assisting firms in delivering value faster. By creating resilient agile capabilities we help organisations out-learn and out-perform the competition and implement a successful agile programme.

Download our 5-step approach to re-structure your programme for rapid delivery

Project Recovery

We help firms reverse delivery failures by embedding pragmatic, effective agile approaches. Through close collaboration, we rapidly recover challenged programmes to reduce the risk of project failure and accelerate delivery.

Download our 5-step approach to re-structure your programme for rapid turnaround

Online Scrum Training

We offer immersive, interactive online training to ensure future agilists thrive in today’s hyper-competitive world. Book a course today or talk to us about how we can tailor our training to suit your needs.

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Types of Business We Consult For

A range of businesses can benefit from Agile Consulting which are listed below.

Bank Projects

Banks can benefit from Agile Consulting to help understand what may hold a high-value project back.

Business Management

Business management systems and processes can be developed with the Agile and Scrum framework to help manage large projects.

Finance Projects

Finance projects need to be flexible and able to adapt to ever-changing markets which is one of the key benefits of Agile.

Approach to incremental delivery & performance gains

When it comes to helping clients unlock dramatic performance gains, we enable them to learn and embed proven agile frameworks using lean-change frameworks that provide consistent, incremental delivery and performance gains.

Transformations shouldn’t result in impaired delivery. Our clients regularly report increased productivity and engagement within their teams in just a few weeks of working together.

We are more than just Agile professionals. Our active consulting team has a solid background in behavioural change technologies, working with clients every day. Our goal is to teach business leaders and teams how to bring behavioural change that is impactful and useful to any team they engage with. By helping teams to discover where they are within their maturity cycle we support our clients in making the right moves to ensure that performance improves dramatically and measurably.

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Transforming Working Cultures in the Financial Sector

Our client, positioned in the investment division of a global bank, enlisted our partnership to help prioritise the driving of value during a time of rapid growth.


Reducing Risks: Building Transparency Within Teams

Our client, the distribution department within a global investment bank, inexperienced in agile, required Fractal Systems’ support…