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Delivery is Everything

Firms survive and thrive through consistent delivery. Our value-driven approach ensures that even whilst we build your team’s mindset and skillset, your output is sustained. Rather than traditional change programmes that lead to an instant drop in productivity, we ensure that delivery does not suffer with our project recovery services.

Without close collaboration, effective lean reporting and active risk management, programmes and projects rapidly lose momentum, and delivery fails.

We bring proven, tested solutions to reverse stalled delivery, re-engage teams and achieve at a faster pace.

Your Project Recovery Journey

Only 26% of waterfall projects tend to be successful. Frequently late, usually over budget and fraught with unexpected scope change, waterfall projects and programmes rarely deliver on expected results.

Offering a significantly more streamlined, sustainable approach, our agile frameworks continue to help organisations accelerate delivery, and drive value. Projects based on agile principles have considerably higher success rates than traditional approaches based on Waterfall.

“…agile projects enjoy a 60% greater chance of success than non-agile projects. Looking deeper, we find that “waterfall” projects are three times more likely to fail than agile projects.”

— Standish Group CHAOS Report Series

However, if agility has not been properly implemented, or backing hasn’t been established within your organisation, your firm will not realise the promised benefits of agility.

Fractal Systems brings dedicated expertise, a close partnership approach and pragmatic frameworks to build sustainable agile capability into your organisation.

Our goal is to get your team back on track, to the point where you can implement agile successfully and realise consistent delivery cadence at pace, without the need for external support.

Building Transparency

Creating a culture of transparency drives consistent value delivery. Incrementally evolving your company’s working practices allows you to prioritise and structure effective collaboration and risk management, so your team can succeed at every stage.

Working together with you, we rapidly discover the obstacles impeding delivery to begin our project recovery. By generating pragmatic shifts to ensure your team can better collaborate and re-adjust where necessary, we embed a  sustainable change in productivity, mindset and skill set.

Eliminating impediments in this manner drives progress forward, handing you the tools you need to propel value out the door. By building a culture of knowledge, awareness and improvement, teams can work effectively, consistently making change happen.  

Engaging with obstructions or delays in this manner drives progress forward, handing you the tools you need to propel value out the door. By building a culture of knowledge, awareness and improvement, organisations can become independent, consistently making change happen without the support of external expertise.

Renewing Collaboration

With a traditional reliance on classical command and control methods, delivery can fail, dramatically reducing end value. Our approach builds holistic processes within your teams to ensure cooperation is made a priority, and momentum is never lost. We identify why a previous agile transformation did not succeed, ensuring every facet of your organisation achieves a full mindset and skill set shift.

Discovering sustainable solutions is crucial to delivering value. We build a bespoke agile framework that works for you and your firm. Our practitioners help you define your goals clearly, keeping your entire team focused on shared values. 

Embedding Incremental Change

Aggressively solving problems maximises the potential your team can reach, even in cases where delivery has previously stalled. Many projects fail because of a lack of the right levels of communication, outdated structures and ineffective collaboration between teams. 

Implementing incremental steps challenges this breakdown in communication, by guiding individuals towards new working cultures with a holistic approach. This means your strategic goals are always kept as a critical focus; end value remains a priority even while your team engages with effective agile principles and practices. These are some of the key stages of our project recovery process.