Agile Transformation

In a rapidly changing, digitally focused world, organisations operating flexibly and resiliently are better equipped to face disruption head-on. We partner with forward thinking leaders and organisations to deliver real value and eliminate risks in agile transformation.


Paving the Way to Business Agility

Agile transformation ensures businesses can react and respond to change quickly and effectively.

Moving beyond software development, we use agile to help firms within the financial sector amplify and accelerate delivery.

Our approach to agile transformation is designed to impact the strategic capabilities of an organisation at its core; initiating sustainable change on every level, building holistic working practices and affecting a lasting culture shift.

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Scale Your Agile Transformation in 3 Key Steps

Agile transformation ensures business agility to react and respond to change quickly and effectively.

Our Agile consultants have helped many businesses implement and embed Agile in their organisation to amplify and accelerate delivery.

Follow these 3 steps to start your journey to agile transformation:

  1. assess current project needs
  2. talk to us to create your agile plan
  3. implement project with the support of Fractal Systems

Implement agile on an enterprise-scale to allow for the higher-level application of lean-agile practices necessary to become a market leader, whilst creating sustainable change. The enterprise model incorporates agile into every aspect of your organisation. Transforming through incremental change impacts your company’s people, processes strategies, structures and technologies.

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Avoiding the J Curve

As markets rapidly evolve, accelerated productivity is crucial to delivering value to your clients. While traditional disruptive change leads to an instant drop in output, our approach prevents any decrease in productivity from the very start. We embed sustainable skills in order to build momentum within your teams and remove the risk of a loss in pace.

Create Lasting Change

Agile succeeds when a mindset shift is embraced at every level of an organisation. Introducing agile from the ground up builds transparent organisational learning capabilities, that establish working practices & principles for sustainable delivery. Our incremental approach ensures your agile transformation is embedded within every person, process & structure, so productivity never stalls & change will last.

Collaborate Relentlessly

Agile organisations are constantly searching for ways to improve. Partnering with our dedicated team of practitioners gives your organisation access to years of experience in both living and applying agile principles, in both teams and organisations. Offering strategic expertise tailored to your business’s goals teaches your team to learn new frameworks alongside consistently delivering value.

Build Independence

Agile transformation is deemed successful once an organisation can successfully apply agile principles without the need for external support. We ensure independence is embedded from day one, so you can go it alone consistently and confidently. Keeping this end goal in mind allows us to help you build sustainable skills,  so your organisation can thrive through future market changes, while still delivering real value.


Business Agility

By building agile capabilities to an enterprise level, our approach strengthens your overall organisation by focusing on individual and emergent characteristics within each of your people and products.

When markets move quickly, businesses need to focus on both out learning and outperforming the competition. In order to thrive from a change at every level, businesses need to strengthen their culture to discover the value behind each team.

Working through close collaboration, we help you develop these mindsets and skillsets to build on effective strategies, create sustainable behaviours and embed resilience to future change. We will help you apply an agile transformation to achieve your goals.

Adopting business agility demonstrates a company’s ability to grow strong and resilient in the face of change. Giving organisations the skills and mindset they need to thrive through market disruption is crucial for them to overcome challenges, and eventually lead the change themselves.

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Our services

Agile Consulting

Our agile consulting experts partner with you to guide your agile strategy, working closely with your team to ensure you can independently utilise agile frameworks, and consistently deliver value.

Project Recovery

We help firms reverse delivery failures by embedding pragmatic, effective agile approaches. Through close collaboration, we rapidly recover challenged programmes to accelerate delivery.

Online Scrum Training

We offer immersive, interactive online training to ensure future agilists thrive in today’s hyper-competitive world.

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