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Join the accredited Live Virtual Class - Professional Scrum Master I™ (PSM I) to master the fundamentals of Scrum. Learn the framework, mechanics, and roles to ensure successful implementation by your team.

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Course Description

Our certified online professional scrum master courses set industry standards with a remarkable 98% first-time pass rate. Say goodbye to PowerPoint and embrace 100% interactivity. Gain hands-on practical skills, learning how to implement immediately and achieve tangible results.

  1. Learn to empower Scrum Teams for organisational value delivery.
  2. Gain insight into Scrum theory, empiricism, and its framework-to-principal connection.
  3. Understand how to apply Agile principles to real-world contexts.
  4. Grasp uncertainty and complexity in product delivery, Scrum values' significance, and the essence of "Done" for transparency.
  5. Master agile planning with the Product Backlog.
  6. Acquire self-management, interpersonal skills, and the crucial role of a Scrum Master as a leader.
  7. Develop the necessary skills, traits, and behaviour for effective Scrum Mastery.

Why Train With Us?

Explore Agile and Scrum principles with our immersive two-day online course where we prioritise your growth and success. Led by experienced industry professionals and supportive Professional Scrum Trainers, we go beyond PowerPoint to offer engaging, hands-on learning experiences. Gain a profound understanding of Scrum theory and discover practical applications relevant to your workplace challenges enabling immediate and impactful change. From debunking myths to empowering your Scrum Teams with the right practices, we'll be with you every step of the way - from learning to passing the test and implementing it seamlessly into your job context.

Who Should Attend This Course?

Suitable for all industries tackling complex problems, the Professional Scrum Master training course is designed for:

  1. Those aspiring to become Scrum Masters
  2. Practitioners and consultants seeking to enhance their Scrum expertise
  3. Anyone involved in product delivery through Scrum methodologies
  4. Agile managers aiming to understand the Scrum Master's role

Your Professional Scrum Trainer

Meet Jay, founder of Fractal Systems and a dedicated Professional Scrum Trainer. With over 20 years of experience in team and leadership roles, Jay is well-versed in delivering continuous value. His unique teaching approach involves zero PowerPoint and instead relies on engaging, experience-based sessions using techniques from Liberating Structures and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Jay's expertise lies in business transformations, offering training, mentoring, coaching, and consulting to foster success through collaborative efforts. Rapid learning and practical application are the hallmarks of his approach.

Jay & the entire Fractal team are invested in your learning journey and are here to support you from start to end, including offering additional valuable support:

  • Free PSM1 practice assessment for certification success
  • Free PSM1 resource bundle to master Scrum Free
  • PSM1 exam revision sheets
  • Free exam coaching sessions for first-time success in your PSM1 exam
  • Free 1:1 coaching to excel at work as a Professional Scrum Master


What's covered in the PSM 1 training course, and how can I enroll?

Elevate your Scrum understanding with's PSM 1 training. Explore mechanics, roles, and implementation. Enroll by choosing a course and date online.

How does the PSM 1 training course enhance my Scrum skills?

Immerse in a dynamic two-day class led by experienced PSTs. Embrace Agile principles, practical techniques, and Scrum Master responsibilities. No PowerPoint, just real-world focus.

Who benefits from the PSM 1 training course?

Aspiring Scrum Masters, seasoned practitioners, Agile/Scrum Coaches, and collaborative problem-solving teams.

What certification opportunities come with completing the PSM 1 course?

Earn PSM 1 certification by scoring 85% or higher. Second attempt within 14 days if needed. Enjoy a 40% discount on the PSM 2 assessment upon success.

How is the PSM 1 training course structured?

Led by PSTs, it blends interactive sessions and team activities. Gain real-world insights. Choose in-person or Live Virtual Class. Master Scrum in an engaging, PowerPoint-free format.

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