Professional Scrum Master Training II

Join the accredited Live Virtual Class - Professional Scrum Master 2 (PSM II). This is an advanced scrum master training course - designed for experienced Scrum Masters seeking professional growth.

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Course Description

This advanced Professional Scrum Master (PSM II) qualification is designed to elevate you to a level of total Scrum mastery. Deepen your understanding of the Scrum framework and Agile practices while transforming your team into an Agile powerhouse. Gain the skills to teach Agile and support your organisation, regardless of your role. Whether you aim to lead Agile transformation within your organisation or progress your Agile career, this advanced Scrum mastery course is your ideal opportunity.

Our certified advanced professional scrum master training course is delivered by industry experts with unrivalled interactivity. We combine real world experience with industry leading practicals that embed key principles. The PSM 2 course if focussed on developing practical skillsets and best practice implementation to achieve tangible results. Through these tried and tested learning techniques, Fractal Systems delivers a 98% first-time pass rate. Learn how to become an advanced Scrum Master:

  1. Understand how Scrum principles and values guide decision-making.
  2. Enhance servant-leadership abilities.
  3. Support Development Teams and Product Owners to improve effectiveness.
  4. Foster a conducive environment for successful Scrum Teams with greater agility.
  5. Gain tips and techniques for collaboration with the organisation.
  6. Improve overall organisational impact as a successful Scrum Master.
  7. Address team conflict and remove impediments.
  8. Communicate the significance of a "Done" Increment.
  9. Grasp how to support the Scrum Team and navigate middle management challenges.

Why Train With Us?

This immersive two day PSM II course prioritises your growth and success in the industry. We believe in hands-on learning experiences that deliver practical applications that are specific to your individual workplace challenges. This not only helps to frame key principles of an advanced Scrum Master but also enables you to have a more immediate impact in your role. The PSM II training course is led by our Scrum Trainers, all of which have real world industry experience. Gain a deep understanding of advanced Scrum theory, empower your Scrum teams with best practices and be supported by industry professionals throughout - from passing test to implementing learnings into your role.

Who Should Attend This Course?

The Professional Scrum Master II course is an advanced program tailored for experienced Scrum Masters with a deep understanding of the Scrum framework. We recommend this to individuals with at least one year of Scrum Master experience.

Your Professional Scrum Trainer

Meet Jay, the founder of Fractal Systems and an experienced Professional Scrum Trainer. With over 20 years in leadership and team roles, Jay excels in delivering practical value. He adopts an interactive teaching style, avoiding PowerPoint in favour of engaging, experience-based learning, using techniques from Liberating Structures and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Jay specialises in business transformations, providing training, mentoring, coaching, and consulting to drive success through teamwork.

For those pursuing the Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) certification, Jay and the Fractal team are committed to supporting your learning journey with a range of valuable resources:

  • Complimentary Scrum Resource Bundle
  • Access to a PSM Exam Simulator
  • Free PSM II Exam Coaching Sessions
  • Personalised 1:1 Coaching

At Fractal Systems, our goal is to ensure you have the support and resources needed for a successful PSM II learning experience.


What is PSM 2 training and how can I enrol?

Elevate your Scrum mastery with our accredited Live Virtual Class - Professional Scrum Master 2™ (PSM 2) training. Led by certified Head trainer, this course deepens Scrum understanding. Enrol online or contact us at

How does the training improve expertise?

Join a dynamic zero-powerpoint two-day online class, guided by certified trainers. It's interactive and hands-on, focusing on practical skills beyond exams.

Who benefits from the PSM 2 course?

Designed for experienced Scrum Masters, guided by a 20+ year expert. Perfect for those with a year of Scrum Master experience.

What certifications are available?

Upon course completion, access the PSM 2 assessment with 2 attempt opportunities. This certification demonstrates advanced Scrum skills and their real-world application.

How is the course structured?

With a 98% pass rate, the interactive online PSM 2 course led by certified trainers provides practical skills for tangible change, discussions about applications to your context, and a wealth of resources and support throughout your journey.

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