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Join the accredited Live Virtual Class - Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced™ training (PSPO Advanced) to master the role of a Product Owner. Learn how to advance your training of Product Ownership and apply it to deliver even more value.

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Course Description

Agile techniques and the Scrum framework revolutionise project and product delivery, enabling teams to work faster and align closely with business needs. A product owner's role within this delivery is critical.

Unlike traditional team managers, Product Owners focus on maximising product value rather than individual elements of project delivery. To excel in this role, product owners must combine business strategy with product vision and delivery roadmaps. The ability to operate within complex environments highlights the need for specific training and qualifications. Product Owner Advanced training is specifically designed to empower experienced Product Owners to deliver greater value.

An exceptional Product Owner requires skillsets beyond core Agility and Scrum. These include clear decision-making, vision, communication, and influence. Practical experience is highly valued, and the PSPO 2 course emphasises interactive workshops, discussions, and exercises to provide a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted Product Owner role.

This course elevates existing Product Owners' capabilities, providing a clear path for your professional growth and delivering increased value to product stakeholders. Through collaborative and exploratory training, Product Owners' knowledge and experience will reach new heights, improving various aspects of your role. Key areas covered include:

  1. Deepening understanding of the Product Owner role, including product understanding, customer identification, and effective communication of product vision and strategy.
  2. Leveraging product vision and strategy to gain a competitive edge.
  3. Embracing diverse roles and stances essential for Product Owners.
  4. Enhancing stakeholder communication and management skills with a focus on different stakeholder groups.
  5. Navigating Agile governance, budgeting, and contracting within the Scrum framework.
  6. Scaling the Product Owner role for larger projects and products.

By the end of this product owner advanced training, participants will be equipped to excel as Product Owners, driving success and value across their product journey.

Why Train With Us?

Develop advanced product owner skillsets that build on your existing knowledge of the Scrum framework and product owner accountabilities with our immersive two-day online PSPO Advanced course. Led by experienced industry professionals and support Professional Scrum Trainers & Product Owners, the course values team-based exercises and a hands-on learning experience. We help you grow within your Product Owner role through this advanced training, enabling you to better communicate product vision and strategy to teams, ultimately delivering higher value through projects and products with larger scopes.

Who Should Attend This Course?

The Professional Product Owner – Advanced course is designed for:

  • Experienced Product Owners, ideally with at least one year of experience in the role
  • Scrum Masters and stakeholders collaborating with Product Owners

Your Professional Scrum Trainer

Meet Jay, founder of Fractal Systems and a dedicated Professional Scrum Trainer. With over 20 years of experience in team and leadership roles, Jay is well-versed in delivering continuous value. His unique teaching approach involves zero PowerPoint and instead relies on engaging, experience-based sessions using techniques from Liberating Structures and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Jay's expertise lies in business transformations, offering training, mentoring, coaching, and consulting to foster success through collaborative efforts. Rapid learning and practical application are the hallmarks of his approach.

Jay & the entire Fractal team are invested in your learning journey and are here to support you from start to end, including offering additional valuable support:

  • Free practice assessments for certification success
  • Free resource bundle to master Scrum
  • Free exam revision sheets
  • Free access to an exam simulator
  • Free exam coaching sessions for first-time success
  • Free 1:1 coaching to excel at work


What's included in the PSPO Advanced training course, and how can I enrol?

Uncover advanced insights into Product Ownership with PSPO Advanced training. Experience a 2-day course, delving into intricate Scrum aspects and real-world applications for maximising product value. Enrol by selecting a date online.

How does the course enhance Scrum and Product Ownership?

Immerse yourself in interactive learning. Navigate product management and optimise value. Tailored for Product Owners and Agile Managers. Merge discussions, interactive activities, and team exercises for expert value delivery.

Who benefits from the training?

Tailored for various Product Ownership stages. From seasoned Product Owners to Agile/Scrum Coaches. Gain insights for intricate challenges, applicable to your specific context.

What certifications come with the PSPO Advanced course?

Earn PSPO Advanced certification with a score of 85% or higher. If needed, a second attempt is available within 14 days.

How is the training structured?

Delve into a 2-day deep dive. Explore Scrum, Product Ownership, and strategy alignment. Experience a blend of instruction, discussions, interactive activities, and teamwork. Embrace a hands-on approach to mastering real-world Scrum excellence.

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