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A LinkedIn poll by our founder last week asking people about their expectations for trends set to shape Agile this year with a majority of 69% voting for AI and Automation.

Can Trends Impact Agile?

It’s important to recognise that the integration of AI and automation into Agile is not about replacing the core principles of Agile but rather powerful tools that support and augment the Agile process. AI’s predictive analytics and automation’s efficiency-enhancing capabilities are harnessed to elevate the agility and responsiveness of Agile teams, ensuring that the methodologies remain relevant and effective in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Who’s Doing It?

Accenture is transforming Agile practices by integrating AI and automation. They use AI for smarter project management, like forecasting project paths and spotting issues early. Automation is taking care of repetitive tasks, making the process more efficient. This is about using new tech to make Agile even better, not replacing its core ideas.

Agile’s Core Remains Strong

Even with these tech advancements, the heart of Agile stays the same. AI and automation are tools to make Agile work smarter, not to change what Agile is about. They add an extra layer of efficiency and smart decision-making while keeping Agile’s collaborative nature intact.

What do you think?

Are AI and Automation stepping into the Agile world, or just a passing trend? How do you see these technologies influencing Agile practices? Can they support Agile’s core principles, or might they clash? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Get in touch to chat further