How Agile Leadership Accelerates Delivery

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Our Vision

To assist institutions to transform their mission-critical teams across the financial sector.

We define success as attaining phenomenal outcomes that have a lasting impact on communities and individuals within businesses worldwide.

Transformation through relentless delivery

Fractal Systems has found that many organisations are unsuccessful in delivering real agile organisational change throughout the firm, failing to realise the speed, reduced project costs, increased productivity, enhanced innovation and faster time to market that is the promise of a true and thorough agile transformation.

Frustrated with current approaches to agile transformation, Fractal Systems developed their own partnered approach to agile transformation, building true agile capability for their clients, resulting in accelerated project delivery, increased productivity, and decreased time to market.

Our Values & Commitment

Consistent Value

The markets never stop, neither should you. Throughout any kind of Agile transformation, we ensure that our clients continue to add value to their customers.

Purposeful Learning

Throughout our engagement with our clients, we train, mentor and coach teams to become resilient through iterative, incremental and pragmatic adaptations.

Close Partnership

We work as one with our clients throughout the delivery. Owning our partners goals and working side by side on the pitch to accelerate delivery, upskill our partners and aggressively manage risk.

Our Approach

When it comes to helping clients unlock dramatic performance gains, we enable them to learn and embed proven agile frameworks using lean-change frameworks that provide consistent, incremental delivery and performance gains.

Transformations shouldn’t result in impaired delivery. Our clients regularly report increased productivity and engagement within their teams in just a few weeks of working together.

We are more than just Agile professionals. Our active consulting team has a solid background in behavioural change technologies, working with clients every day. Our goal is to teach business leaders and teams how to bring behavioural change that is impactful and useful to any team they engage with. By helping teams to discover where they are within their maturity cycle we support our clients in making the right moves to ensure that performance improves dramatically and measurably.

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Jay Rahman

The Fractal Systems’ team is headed up by its co-founder, Jay Rahman.

Jay is a professional agile and scrum trainer with extensive expertise and knowledge. Having worked in the IT and business sector for over 20 years, he has experienced the full IT life cycle, from starting as a developer, through to software testing and management and finally qualified as a trainer.

agile transformation

Close Collaboration

As well as training teams in Agile and Scrum methodologies, Jay provides up to date knowledge through being currently active in the industry. Additionally, his past experience allows him to foresee and understand the pain points right from the beginning of a project.

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