Learn from trainers who constantly at work within the industry, operating at the sharp edge of delivery. Our agile scrum training programmes always reflect the most up-to-date and current learning, used by our consultants in the field. The programmes are shown to be rapidly effective in measurably delivering for our clients.

If you too would like to learn real skills, gained from live industry experience instead of canned training that doesn’t work, register for one of our courses below or get in touch.

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Upcoming Online Scrum Training Courses

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    Online Professional Scrum Master Training II (PSMII)

    2 days, 09:00 AM BST - 04:00 PM BST
    The Advanced Scrum Master Class Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) course is a 2-day advanced Scrum Master class designed to support Scrum Masters in their professional development. The PSM II course is intended for Scrum Masters with at least one year of experience who are looking to grow their knowledge and abilities as a Scrum Master. This course is one step in that journey. The course also includes a free attempt at the globally recognized PSM II Certification exam
    • £1,250.00 excl. VAT

What is Online Scrum Training

Scrum is one of the worlds most popular Agile Project/Product Management and delivery frameworks. Founded by Ken Schwaber, one of the co-creators of Scrum, is globally recognised as the standard in Agile Scrum training. Our live online training courses are run by experienced Professional Scrum Trainers and active Senior Consultants working every day using Scrum  with clients at the sharp end of delivery.

Teams using Scrum deliver great work relentlessly. Scrum Teams are resilient, self-organising and self-healing. Through our Live ONLINE Scrum Training we teach you how to create dramatic performance gains in any Scrum Team.  Scrum Training from Fractal Systems focuses on executing the right behaviours that successful Teams do, day in and day out. We show you how to spin up proactive Scrum Teams as well recover lost productivity and engagement from struggling Teams.


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How we teach you effective Scrum

Our goal is to create high performing, collaborative, Agile organisations that are creative and innovative. We believe in building teams that embed Scrum and deliver value to clients without any loss of performance.

We teach Agile Scrum frameworks and approaches using a zero-power-point format. With facilitation techniques from ‘Training from The Back of The Room’, ‘Liberating Structures’ and Neuro Linguistic Programming, we provide rapid learning approaches that gets the ideas into the muscle.


Students at our classes enjoy highly interactive, engaging, fun and practical sessions that over-prepare attendees for the workplace. Our training is based on learning approaches that transfer theory to application and students spend the majority of the course applying the learnings to scenarios they will encounter in the workplace.

Students learn more than just Scrum theory. We teach facilitation techniques, Agile coaching, conflict resolution approaches, motivation theory and learning theory alongside a thorough grounding in Scrum.

Students frequently report higher confidence and skill when returning to work after attending our trainings. 

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Beyond Scrum Theory

As active Agile Scrum Consultants, we not only teach the theory of Scrum but go far beyond, bringing real-life practical examples that teach students how to apply what they learn. Students absorb concepts through live and past scenarios to embed Scrum theory into the muscle. By teaching out loud, we frequently debrief the training exercise so attendees pick up the facilitation techniques that we find so successful in the field.

Our students leave our trainings as confident, skilled practitioners with a deep understanding of Why they use Agile and the Scrum framework as well HOW to apply it. This is why our students regularly rate us 5 stars on trust pilot for our Scrum Training.

Jay Rahman Professional Trainer

Your Trainer

 Jay Rahman, Professional Scrum Trainer

Jay is a passionate professional Agile and Scrum Trainer with extensive expertise and knowledge. As well as training teams in Agile and Scrum methodologies, Jay provides up to date knowledge through being currently active in the industry.