Agile Project Management Training

Agile Training

Agile project management approaches and techniques offer new ways for teams to work; self-governing and able to respond better to a changing environment. This should lead to faster results and increased value for stakeholders.

Scrum is one of the most popular frameworks for implementing Agile project and product management. It has been in use for over 25 years, by companies large and small. Although commonly associated with the IT industry and software development, Agile and Scrum can bring benefits for complex projects in any industry.

Scrum presents an iterative approach to product development or project management. Teams work faster, and more closely align results with business requirements. Communication is improved, stakeholders are more involved, and results are achieved quicker.

Fractal Systems is a leading provider of Agile and Scrum training courses. Experts offer a number of courses, covering areas from the theory of Agile techniques and transformation through to the implementation of the Scrum framework and its different roles.

Fractal Systems Agile Training Courses & Certifications

Agile and Scrum techniques are very much actively used in industry. As such, our courses take a practical approach – involving participants in exercises and scenarios throughout. To fully understand how to apply Scrum in real life, and solve problems that come up, is just as important as understanding the theory.

Our trainers are also currently working in the industry, bringing relevant experience to courses. This keeps content fresh and up to date with current trends.

There are many different areas of training on offer. These are appropriate for different people, depending on their role and previous experience with Agile and Scrum. Offering a range of courses for different roles helps more people understand this powerful way of operating – sharing a common understanding and terminology.

Courses for Scrum Masters & Product Owners

Professional Scrum Master I (PSMI)

The Scrum Master is an important role within organizations using the Scrum framework. Rather than a team leader, it is more like a facilitator. The Scrum Master will teach the team Scrum theory and guide its work and problem resolution. The PSMI course explains the role of the Scrum Master and teaches the skills and techniques needed.

Professional Scrum Master II (PSMII)

PSMII will take learning further for Scrum Masters. It is intended for Scrum Masters with at least one year of experience who are looking to grow their knowledge and abilities as a Scrum Master.

Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO)

The Product Owner is essential to the success of Scrum projects. The role is very different from a traditional project manager, as Scrum teams are more self-governing. The Product Owner is responsible for the success of a Product and for maximizing its value. The PSPO course will show Product Owners how to perform the role, and interact with stakeholders and Scrum teams.

Professional Scrum Product Owner – Advanced (PSPO-A)

Being a good Product Owner takes time and experience. The PSPO-A course is designed to improve the skills of the already experienced Product Owner. It will involve plenty of practical experience to let participants take on the different stances of an effective Product Owner, along with teaching in several new areas of the role.

Agile Techniques & Transformation

PAL E – Professional Agile Leadership Essentials

PAL-E training is designed to help managers, and other leaders, understand how to approach an Agile transformation, and to guide teams to be successful. It will show managers how to effectively develop, support, and guide agile teams to improve their performance.

Implementing the Scrum Framework

Applying professional Scrum (APS)

APS is a perfect introductory course for anyone working in a Scrum team or interacting with one. It explains the Scrum framework and its power over traditional approaches to project or product development. Through practical involvement, participants will experience how to work on a Scrum project through iterative Sprints and solve common problems.

Applying professional scrum software development (APS-SD)

The Scrum framework can be used in any industry, for any large or complex product or project. It is especially popular though in IT and software development. This course takes participants through the software development process under Scrum – which features regular releases of functional software, and reviews with stakeholders to meet business requirements. It is appropriate for developers and anyone working with a software team.

Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS)

As projects grow in size, so does the Scrum framework. The SPS course shows how a group of Scrum teams can work together, using the Nexus framework.