Agile Consulting Services for the UAE

At Fractal Systems, we understand the Dubai and UAE market’s unique dynamics and rapid growth. Our Agile Consulting Services are tailored to meet the specific needs of organisations operating in this vibrant region. Our global expertise ensures that we’re well-equipped to support your Agile journey, helping you navigate the challenges and unlock the full Agile potential of your teams.

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Delivering Impact through Agile

Partner with us to maximise value delivery. We understand your context and unique challenges. Our proven Agile consultants use their global experience to guide your Agile strategy, implement processes and generate meaningful results, FAST!

Our Agile consulting services have a proven impact. We’ve helped top-tier organisations worldwide achieve significant results with their strategic goals in tough business environments. Explore our success stories to learn more about the results we’ve delivered for our global clients and how we can help you achieve success.

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How we help – Our Agile Consulting Service Suite

Agile Transformation

Transformations are challenging, especially in the fast-paced environment of the UAE. Our service caters to these challenges, creating a tailored approach that aligns with your organisational needs.

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Delivery Optimisation

Enhance your delivery process with our Agile Delivery Optimisation service. We closely collaborate with you to fine-tune your Agile approach, ensuring the implementation of a smooth and effective delivery process.

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Project Recovery

Efficiently get your projects and programmes back on track with our recovery services. We provide the expertise and guidance to ensure timely delivery and value realisation tailored to the UAE.

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Online Scrum Training

Sharpen your Agile skills with our interactive online training courses led by industry experts. Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment that prepares you for the Agile demands of the Dubai and UAE market.

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Tailored Solutions for Every Sector

While we serve various sectors globally, we understand the prominence of finance, real estate, technology, and tourism in the UAE. Our Agile consulting approach is tailored to provide practical solutions to the unique Agile challenges faced by these sectors in the region.



Banks constantly manage high-value projects amidst shifting priorities. Our Agile consulting services offer the crucial framework to streamline operations, ensuring punctual delivery and value maximisation in every project phase.

Business Management

Managing large projects demands a solid framework that supports adaptability and teamwork. We integrate Agile and Scrum methodologies into business management systems and processes, promoting continuous improvement and effective delivery.



The fast-paced, ever-changing financial market calls for a flexible project management tactic. We blend Agile principles into finance projects, empowering them to swiftly adapt and uphold consistent value delivery amidst dynamic market scenarios.

Customised Agile Workshops

Our customised Agile workshops address the specific needs and challenges of organisations in Dubai and the UAE. Through interactive sessions, we deepen your understanding of Agile principles, ensuring your teams are well-prepared and equipped for sustainable success. 

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Explore Agile:

E-Books, Webinars, & Training

Utilise our online assets, including e-books and live webinars, or take our Agile assessment to gauge your organisation’s Agile maturity and learn actionable insights tailored to the Dubai market.

Check out our upcoming training events and register to enhance your Agile knowledge through interactive, hands-on learning experiences.

Agile Partnerships


Transforming Working Cultures in the Financial Sector

“We hit 80% of our goals and achieved 25% increased productivity in the first quarter of engaging with Fractal Systems, all whilst on-boarding £20 billion in assets.”

The Investment Division of a Global Bank (confidential)


Reducing Risks: Building Transparency Within Teams

“98% defect resolution within 2 Sprints! Productivity and delivery 3X faster than pre-agile.”

The Distribution Teams for an Investment Bank (confidential)

Agile Consulting FAQs

What is Agile consulting?

Agile consulting at Fractal Systems involves providing remote expertise, training, and guidance to organisations in Dubai and the UAE aiming to adopt or improve their Agile practices. Our consultants help address challenges and optimise the Agile transformation process to ensure sustainable value delivery.

Why is Agile Consulting important?

Agile consulting is crucial for reducing the risk in Agile transformation and swiftly regaining control in project recovery. It helps in overcoming common hurdles, improving team collaboration, and ensuring the successful implementation of Agile practices to beat the odds where 47% of Agile transformations fail to deliver intended results.

How can Agile Consulting benefit my organisation?

Our Agile consulting services can enhance your project delivery process, improve team collaboration, increase customer satisfaction, and provide a framework for continuous improvement. We partner with you to maximise value delivery and empower your teams for consistent, lasting results.

What services do Agile Consultants provide?

As Agile consultants, we help organisations implement or enhance Agile methodologies, ensuring that projects are on track to meet their objectives efficiently. We work collaboratively with teams and leaders to refine agile strategies, provide training, and ensure a culture of continuous, value-centric delivery is established.

Why are Agile consultants important?

At Fractal Systems, our Agile consultants offer Agile Delivery Optimisation to supercharge your delivery process and Agile Transformation to design and build a proven approach tailored to your firm. Gain a competitive edge with our expert-led Online Agile Training, driving swift innovation and customer satisfaction in your firm.”

How long does an Agile transformation take?

The duration of an Agile transformation varies depending on the size and complexity of the organisation. We work closely with you to design and build a proven approach that works for your firm, ensuring a successful transformation.

How do you measure the success of an Agile transformation?

Success can be measured through various metrics such as delivery speed, quality, customer satisfaction, team morale, and the level of continuous improvement. Our client testimonials and success stories provide a glimpse into the impact we have had on organisations.

What types of industries can benefit from Agile Consulting?

While initially used in software development, Agile methodologies are now beneficial across various industries. We have a rich history of serving sectors including finance, healthcare, technology, and more.

How is Agile Consulting priced?

Pricing can vary based on the scope of services, the size of the organisation, and the duration of the consulting engagement. It’s advisable to contact us directly at or call us at +44 (0)203 131 2489 to discuss pricing details.

How can I get started with Agile Consulting?

Getting started with Agile Consulting at Fractal Systems involves reaching out to us for a consultation. You can contact us at or call us at +44 (0)203 131 2489 to discuss your organisation’s needs and determine a plan of action to address your Agile challenges.

How do your Agile consulting services cater to the unique business landscape of the UAE/Middle East?

Our Agile consulting services are meticulously tailored to meet the distinctive challenges and opportunities presented by the UAE and wider Middle East business environment. We integrate local market insights with global Agile best practices to deliver bespoke solutions that drive sustainable business success.

Are your consultants adept at navigating the regulatory and cultural aspects of doing business in the UAE/Middle East?

We ensure our consultants are well-informed about the regulatory, cultural, and business norms prevalent in the UAE and the Middle East. This knowledge enables us to ensure that Agile transformations are effective, compliant, and culturally resonant.

How do you tailor your Agile methodologies to fit the high-paced, dynamic market conditions in Dubai and the broader UAE?

We recognise the unique pace and dynamism of Dubai and the wider UAE market. Our approach infuses agility into your operations, enabling rapid response to market shifts, regulatory changes, and evolving customer expectations, aligning with the goal of continuous improvement and value-driven delivery.

Can you provide Agile training both online and in person?

Absolutely, we offer custom in-person or online training to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Our interactive and immersive training programs are designed to equip your teams with the practical Agile skills necessary for immediate application.

Do you offer sector-specific Agile consulting in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Yes, we provide tailored Agile consulting services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi across various sectors including banking, business management, and finance. Our seasoned consultants understand the distinctive needs of each sector within the UAE market, providing specialised guidance for Agile transformation and sustained project success.

How do you ensure the effectiveness of Agile transformation in traditionally hierarchical business cultures?

Our approach emphasises active engagement, education, and fostering a collaborative culture to bridge traditional hierarchical gaps. By promoting open dialogue between leadership and grassroots teams, and aligning Agile practices with organisational goals, we facilitate a seamless transition towards a more agile, value-driven operational model.