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Welcome to Fractal Systems, your ultimate destination for Certified Agile training in Dubai, UAE. Our courses are carefully designed to meet the needs of the dynamic and project-focused work environments in Dubai. Through a balance of theory and practical skills, we aim to enhance your project management abilities to global standards while adapting to local market requirements.

“It was refreshing to be in a training session that was far removed from the typical ones – everyone is immersed in the conversation and having fun while they learn. I Would definitely recommend if you are looking for someone to help you/your organisation be more agile.”

-Mohammed Aftab Ali – Software Engineering Team Leader, Ocado

Why Choose Fractal Systems?

We are invested in your learning journey and are here to support you from start to end, including offering additional valuable support:

  • Free practice assessments for certification success
  • Free resource bundle to master Scrum
  • Free exam revision sheets
  • Free access to an exam simulator
  • Free exam coaching sessions for first-time success
  • Free 1:1 coaching to excel at work

Join our transformative learning journey and drive tangible results in your organisation.

Transformative Training Approach

Our Agile training approach is deeply rooted in practical, collaborative techniques that actively engage you in the course material. The power of active learning, incorporating tasks, discussions, and feedback, accelerates your learning journey, enhances retention, fosters critical thinking, and boosts confidence and independence. Our goal is for participants to leave with the capability to implement the teachings in their roles from day 1, translating knowledge into actionable insights and practices in their respective work environments.

Bespoke Corporate Training Solutions

We offer tailored Certified Agile training solutions for corporates entities and teams in Dubai, helping them meet the unique Agile training needs and empowering teams for project success and organisational growth.

The PSM I course, was zero powerpoint and fully interactive. Jay emphasised the 'WHY' of concepts, ensuring the 'HOW' was clear, and facilitated substantial student collaboration, making the course notably non-standard. I'll definitely choose Jay for my next PSM course. Refreshing and engaging learning.

Daniel HaslerExecutive Director, Bank Vontobel AG

Meet your Agile Expert

Introducing Jay, Co-founder and Head Trainer at Fractal Systems.

With over two decades of hands-on experience, Jay goes beyond theory, imparting real-world Agile skills. His industry insights and commitment to your success create an engaging and impactful learning experience.

Certification: Your Competitive Edge

As the demand for Agile expertise surges in Dubai and across the UAE, our training stands at the forefront. We proudly present accredited courses, setting you on an exhilarating journey to global recognition. Gain an edge in Dubai’s competitive job market and embark on a path of networking and continuous Agile discovery.

Jay was my teacher in the PSM I course and I warmly recommend him. Over the two-day virtual course he managed to get participants engaged and committed. He exceeded expectations with the training material, and had a very hands-on interactive teaching approach. The examples from everyday work scenarios were spot on, making the material more relatable.

Ehsan FazlhashemiProduct Owner, Electrolux

Upcoming Online Scrum Training Courses

Our Agile Certified training programmes always reflect the most up-to-date and current learning, used by our consultants in the field. The programmes are shown to be rapidly effective in measurably delivering for our clients.

Agile Training FAQs

What is the mode of training delivery?

We offer interactive online Agile training courses led by industry experts. Our training is designed to be engaging and dynamic, moving away from traditional PowerPoint presentations to provide a hands-on learning environment.

What is included in the Free Resource Bundle?

Our Free Resource Bundle includes practice assessments and eBooks to help you prepare for certification exams. You can find these resources on our Practice Assessments & eBooks page.

How do the Free Exam Coaching Sessions work?

While the exact details of the Free Exam Coaching Sessions are not provided on the site, these sessions are likely designed to provide personalised guidance and support to help you prepare for and succeed in your certification exams.

What is the pass rate for the certification exams among your trainees?

We are proud to say we have a 98% pass rate and are committed to equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the certification exams and beyond.

How experienced are the trainers at Fractal Systems?

Our trainers are certified Trainers and industry experts with live industry experience. They are dedicated to providing practical, tailored training in an interactive learning environment to ensure you can apply Agile principles effectively in your work.

Do you offer corporate discounts for group enrolments?

While the site does not provide specific information on corporate discounts, we do offer bespoke corporate training solutions. Please contact us directly for more information on group enrolments and corporate discounts.

What support is available post-training for certification exams and practical implementation?

We provide a range of resources including PSMI and PSPO Practice Assessments, eBooks, and likely continued support through coaching sessions to ensure you are well-prepared for certification exams and practical implementation of Agile principles.

How can I register for a course?

You can explore our courses, choose a day that works best for you, and register for your preferred training program online. For further assistance, book a discovery call, contact us at or call us at +44 (0)203 131 2489.

What is the duration of the Agile training courses?

The duration of our Agile training courses varies; however, our virtual Agile training usually consists of 2 days of interactive learning. Please explore our course offerings for detailed information on each course.

Are the training courses accredited?

Yes, our courses are accredited and led by industry experts to ensure you receive a unique, value-adding, high-quality learning experience.

Can I get a certificate of completion for the training?

Yes, upon successfully completing our Agile training courses, you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate serves as a recognition of your dedication to enhancing your Agile skills.

What is the format of the Agile training courses?

Our Agile training courses are conducted in an interactive online format, led by industry experts. We believe in creating engaging and dynamic learning experiences, moving away from traditional PowerPoint presentations to provide a hands-on, immersive learning environment.

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