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Transform Your Business With Agile

Agile techniques can transform business management processes and business management systems. Approaching such projects in an iterative, incremental manner can improve speed, deliver better results, and keep companies competitive.

Agile training and its implementation through Scrum training is well developed and in use across many industries. Training teams in the practical application of such techniques is important to get everyone following the same approach. Various courses teach the skills needed for different roles with a team.

Implement Agile Techniques in Business Process Management

Agile techniques have benefits across all industries and for any large or complex project or product. They address the shift seen over the past 20 years or so in companies becoming less fixed and static. A new, more flexible approach to projects, business management processes, and team performance, can bring better results. Agility introduces an iterative approach to any project. It is flexible rather than fixed on a specific set of requirements. 

Business process management is all about automating and managing structured processes in companies. Agile techniques work perfectly in this area, allowing teams to approach flexibly. It is acknowledged that project requirements and stakeholder demands change.

With an iterative approach, teams produce repeated functional deliverables with regular reviews against requirements. Processes can be broken down into smaller parts, with different teams working on each part at the same time – rather than waiting for each part to be completed.

Using the Scrum Framework for BPMS

Scrum is a leading framework for implementing Agile techniques and has been in use for over 25 years. It introduces a well-developed and common approach for teams to follow Agile techniques. This can be applied to Agile Business process management.

Operationally, the main difference is in how teams are formed and how they work. Teams are more self-managing, and there is a strong focus on regular project reviews and good team communication.

Business Benefits

One of the main focuses of business management processes and business management systems is improving speed. Agile techniques can take this further. Teams can deliver projects faster, and updates or changes are much quicker to implement. Products are then developed faster, and companies become more competitive.

Teams can also become more efficient. Communication and collaboration between different teams, and departments, will be improved, leading to a much less siloed way of working. Research also shows that this results in more engaged and satisfied teams.

Agility & Scrum Training for BPMS

There are a number of training courses available for anyone looking to better understand Agile techniques and the Scrum methodology.