Driving tangible results within a global investment firm

With the ability to be applied to multiple industries and areas, agile frameworks introduce more effective ways of working, optimising learning in order to better equip teams to overcome turbulence en route to success.

  • Deliver Improved Core Functionality
  • Collaborative Teams
  • Productivity & Speed
  • and More

The Challenge Outlined

Our client, a global investment firm, needed to deliver improved core functionality for a number of software programmes running millions over budget. We needed to ensure rapid delivery of mission-critical projects, while enabling the successful transformation from a traditionally cumbersome waterfall approach, to rapid Agility. Fractal Systems were enlisted to embed Agile mindsets and skillsets within the team, in order to enable a fast turnaround, recover costs, and regain momentum.

Our Approach

The Fractal Systems team introduced true agile ways of working to help the client continue to drive value out the door. We implemented the dev-ops capability to change the way the company builds and tests its software, enabling them to reach faster results.

We successfully embedded Agile in a highly traditional waterfall organisation. To do so, we trained teams, embedded player-coaches and supported our client real-time, whilst also creating Agile teams in India. As a direct consequence, this accelerated delivery of ‘right first-time’ outcomes.

Outcomes Delivered

We reversed antagonistic and debilitating partner relationships and created collaborative teams focused on delivery.

We introduced agile capabilities that developed both productivity and speed.

Introduced Automation testing to an ‘impossible to automate’ tech stack, saving £4 million in resourcing costs.

Introduced Test Automation cutting needed test resources by over 60%.

Recovered challenged flagship projects to hit critical milestones.

Accelerated delivery by 50% and reduced testing costs by 60% whilst introducing automation in our legacy systems, a problem we could not solve for years!