Removing barriers to stalled delivery

When agile isn’t applied consistently or effectively, problems often arise. Our client, the distribution department within a global investment bank, inexperienced in agile, required Fractal Systems’ support to determine and remove obstructions prior to a mission-critical product launch.

  • Determine and remove obstructions
  • Delivery of a group of distribution teams

The Challenge Outlined

We were approached to recover the delivery of a group of distribution teams for an investment bank. The teams were suffering over 100 priority one defects that were preventing the launch of an enhanced sales product, therefore affecting the wider sales network.

Our Approach

To implement a successful project recovery strategy, our first step was to identify the multiple sources of the problem through a swift discovery process. Working as one with the teams, we rapidly implemented counter-measures to reinstate effective agile working practices across the department.

Using our ‘Discover, Design, Deliver’ framework, Fractal Systems recovered the programme whilst building and cementing agile skills and working practices within the teams to future-proof further launches, enhance future collaboration and establish a predictable delivery cadence.

Outcomes Delivered

We reduced defects by 98%.

We implemented cost savings of £750k per annum.

We mitigated a potential risk of £125 million in lost sales.

We built an accelerated delivery capability that was 3X faster.

98% defect resolution within 2 Sprints! Productivity and delivery 3X faster then pre-agile.