Transforming working cultures in the financial sector

Businesses transitioning through multiple stages of growth can struggle to focus on their end goals, with distinctive conditions presenting different challenges. Our client invited us to help them transform their working culture to aid their value delivery during a period of intense scaled growth.

  • Deliver Improved Core Functionality
  • Collaborative Teams
  • Productivity & Speed
  • and More

The Challenge Outlined

Our client, positioned in the investment division of a global bank, enlisted our partnership to help prioritise the driving of value during a time of rapid growth. While aggressively growing their team to 4x the size, the bank aimed to onboard £20 billion in assets, all while working within tough market conditions.

Our Approach

To produce real value within each of our client’s goals, we needed to implement a strategy that would introduce agile capabilities to both existing and future employees, while responding flexibly to challenges within the market, and increasing revenue.

An incremental delivery supplied by us meant agile transformation within the team could be taught and most importantly sustained, even once Fractal Systems had exited the partnership. We used our ‘Launch, Transform, Deliver’ framework to introduce and rapidly build agile capabilities within the team. Fractal Systems simultaneously worked to amplify delivery, driving profit and value alongside increasing personalised engagement within the organisation.

Outcomes Delivered

We realised £1 million in benefits vs £250k in costs.

We protected £200 million in revenue.

We increased client ‘white-glove’ engagement while reducing significant fund outflows.

We hit 80% of our goals and achieved 25% increased productivity in the first quarter of engaging with Fractal Systems, all whilst on-boarding £20 billion in assets.