Time Sensitive Solutions

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Delivering solutions within complex environments for an investment bank 

Complex time-sensitive projects benefit from the adaptability of agile frameworks, allowing teams to optimise learning and overcome programme turbulence while adhering to planned delivery goals. 

The Challenge

Our team worked with a global bank who were struggling internally to deliver a critical ESG programme split across multiple teams. The stalled programme had six months  of  missed milestones, with ten teams struggling to effectively coordinate and manage core risks and impediments.

Business handshake over table
Business handshake over table

Our Approach

For a project that was extremely time-sensitive, we needed to focus on helping every team deliver value early and often. We rapidly assessed, realigned and recovered the programme, introducing pragmatic agile working practices that could be used to the advantage of each and every team. 

The Fractal Systems team focused on specific, mission-critical objectives to deliver value without losing sight of the shared end goals between each team. We engaged senior executives and sponsors on the programme, providing pragmatic executive coaching and real time support to enable the senior leaders to transition to a decentralised servant leadership stance. This allowed us to maximise the elimination of various show-stopping impediments that were affecting the team’s delivery. 

Outcomes Delivered


  • We helped the programme team hit 100% of their delivery targets within thirty days.


  • We cemented agile capabilities that led to results being met for six sprints in a row.


  • We coached at an executive level to help sponsors embed agile leadership practices.
Business handshake over table


“The team went from six months of non-delivery to achieving every sprint goal for six sprints in a row!”