Corporate Agile Training: For Leaders

Our Agile Fundamentals Training, a half-day, intensive course, is specially crafted for leaders. It’s designed to impart a solid grasp of Agile and Scrum concepts, tailored for swift and effective learning. This course is perfect for leaders looking to quickly adapt to Agile methodologies.

Why Choose Our Training

Fractal Systems has over a decade of experience in delivering practical, interactive Agile training. Our sessions, devoid of PowerPoint, focus on real-world applicability. Trainers with extensive field experience ensure that leaders not only learn Agile principles but also know to apply them effectively in their roles. We are also proud partners with, the globally recognised home of Scrum, featuring a team of Professional Scrum Trainers certified by This partnership guarantees that our courses adhere to the highest standards, blending the latest Agile insights with practical, workplace-applicable skills.

Jay, Fractals head trainer is a deeply skilled and experienced Agile Coach and Trainer who blends expertise with pragmatism.
He adapts to the organisation's and individuals' needs, moving beyond textbook theories.
This Leadership training is a must, and If I had to train my leadership teams again, I'd hire Jay again without hesitation.

Chief Operating Officer

Target Audience

This course is tailor-made for leaders who are new to Scrum or looking to gain a deeper understanding, including C-level Executives, Directors, Heads of Departments, and Senior Leaders, who are instrumental in shaping organisational strategies and culture. Ideal for those new to Agile, it provides an in-depth introduction to Agile principles and practices in a focused format. The training is particularly valuable for leaders aiming to enhance their decision-making and team leadership through Agile methodologies. Additionally, Fractal Systems offers custom courses for managers and team members, ensuring an organisation-wide adoption of Agile for unified success and efficiency at all levels.

Course Learning Objectives

In the Agile Fundamentals Training for leaders, participants will explore the essentials of Agile and Scrum. The course covers the Agile Manifesto and its key principles, emphasising their application in leadership. It delves into decision-making in uncertain environments, demonstrating how Agile methodologies aid in managing complexity. The training includes a detailed look at the Scrum Framework, encompassing roles, artefacts, and events. Interactive activities, such as role-playing and simulations, provide hands-on experience. The course also highlights the importance of Empiricism in Agile, focusing on Transparency, Inspection, and Adaptation, and addresses optimising value delivery within an Agile framework.

Jay is articulate, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about all things Agile. He focuses on our goals rather than rule enforcement. Beyond Agile, he's also a mentor and executive advisor, ideal for enhancing accountability and productivity.

Ashley LesterGlobal Head of Research - MSCI

Meet Your Expert Trainers

Our instructors are not just passionate about their field; they are seasoned industry professionals. With their extensive real-world experience and practical insights, they ensure a highly effective and engaging learning experience. Leading the team is our Co-founder and Head Trainer, Jay Rahman, an accomplished agile expert. With over two decades of experience, Jay has a proven track record of successfully training senior leaders from globally recognised organisations Certifications

In addition to Agile Fundamentals for Leaders, we offer a range of certified courses, such as Applied Professional Scrum and Professional Agile Leadership. These certifications are globally recognised and provide deeper insights into Agile practices for Leaders and every level in an organisation.

Jay is a deeply skilled and experienced Agile Coach and Trainer who blends expertise with pragmatism. He adapts to the organisation's and individuals' needs, moving beyond textbook theories. This Leadership training is a must, and If I had to train my leadership teams again, I'd hire Jay again without hesitation.

Chief Operating Officer

Corporate Agile Training FAQs

What is Corporate Agile Training?

Our Corporate Agile Training at Fractal Systems is a comprehensive programme specifically designed to equip your teams, leaders, and managers with the practical skills and knowledge they need to implement Agile methodologies effectively. With certification from, we offer training modules that are customised to meet the unique needs of your organisation. Our focus is on delivering training that you can immediately apply in the real world, ensuring that you see value and impact from day one.

Why is Corporate Agile Training Essential?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, Agile corporate training is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It enables organisations to be more adaptive, efficient, and customer-centric. Our specialised training programmes, such as “Agile Leadership Accelerator” and “Agile Team Mastery,” are designed to enhance problem-solving and self-organisation skills. Managers who have completed our training courses report that they have regained over 30% of their time due to the improved performance of their teams.

What Tools are Used in Our Online Agile Corporate Training Classes?

For online training, we use a variety of interactive tools, including but not limited to video conferencing platforms with breakout rooms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. We also incorporate interactive whiteboards to enrich the learning experience. For those who prefer a more traditional approach, we offer in-person training sessions that are highly interactive, featuring activities, tasks, and discussions over a two-day period.

What is the Importance of Agile in a Company?

Implementing Agile methodologies can significantly benefit your company by making it more adaptable, efficient, and focused on customer satisfaction. Our corporate Agile training aims to instil practical skills and foster teamwork, which in turn leads to increased productivity, quicker time-to-market, and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Why is an Agile Mindset Important in the Workplace?

Adopting an Agile mindset is crucial for creating a work environment that is adaptable, focused on continuous improvement, and committed to delivering value. Our Agile corporate training programmes are highly interactive and engaging, designed to ensure that Agile principles are not just taught but are deeply ingrained in your team’s approach to their work.

How Does Our Corporate Agile Training Differ from Others?

What sets Fractal Systems apart is our commitment to real-world applicability. Our courses are not just theoretical; they are based on years of practical experience and are designed to give you actionable insights that you can apply immediately to your work environment.

What Post-Training Support Do We Offer?

After completing our corporate Agile training, you’re not left to fend for yourself. We offer a range of post-training support options, including free exam coaching sessions, practice assessments, and a wealth of free resources to ensure your continued success.

Is Our Corporate Agile Training Certified?

Yes, all our training courses are certified by, ensuring that you’re receiving training that is both high-quality and globally recognised.

What is the Duration of Our Corporate Agile Training Courses?

Our courses range from one-day intensive workshops to more extended programmes, allowing us to cater to different needs and schedules.

Can You Customise the Corporate Agile Training to Suit Our Needs?

Absolutely, we understand that every organisation is different, and therefore, we offer customised training solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

What is the Cost of Corporate Agile Training?

The cost of our corporate Agile training varies depending on the length and type of the course, as well as the number of participants. We offer competitive pricing and flexible payment options to suit different budgets.

How Do We Measure the Impact of Corporate Agile Training?

We provide a comprehensive evaluation framework that helps you measure the ROI and impact of the training on your teams and organisation. This includes pre- and post-assessment surveys, performance metrics, and ongoing support to ensure that the training delivers lasting value.