Agile techniques and the Scrum framework can have a real impact on any complex project or product development. Software development projects are perfect for taking advantage of Scrum techniques. Applying professional Scrum software development training is designed for software developers. It will teach the application of Agile techniques and the Scrum framework to the software production process – essential for any developer working on such Scrum projects.


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Applying Professional Scrum Software Development ONLINE

Software development under the Scrum methodology

Scrum introduces an iterative and incremental approach to project development – aiming to achieve results faster. For software development, this means a focus on releasable increments of software. Regular releases of software, and reviews with stakeholders, helps to turn product requirements into business value faster.

Applying professional Scrum software development training

This is a three-day course that will lead participants through the theory of the Scrum framework and involve them in practical scenario-based training. It teaches the skills and tools needed to develop and release incremental and functional software iterations.

It is appropriate for developers working with any development toolkits (the techniques and methodology are the same), but the course will focus on using .NET or Java technologies.

Practical training will involve participants in a series of Sprints to develop solutions. These will involve solving real-world challenges and show participants how to improve continuously as they progress.

Course contents and key objectives

The course will focus on applying the Scrum framework to large-scale software development projects – both the theory for this and practical use. The main subjects covered include:

  • The Scrum framework and how Scrum teams perform.

  • The definition of Done - the core Scrum concepts.

  • Build and deliver working software by applying modern Agile and Scrum practices.

  • Learn how different roles can collaborate and communicate effectively during development.

  • The importance of test driven Development and Agile testing.

  • DevOps and tools that can support development.

Expected Outcomes from training

Participants will be better prepared to work on complex software developments using the Scrum framework. They will experience how such a project proceeds iteratively and how the development team can best communicate and work together. Teamwork is critical for successful software development and having team members that all understand the Scrum methodology and can align work helps maximize results.

Who should attend training?

Applying Professional Scrum software development training is designed for anyone working on software development projects using the Scrum framework. This scrum training course obviously includes software developers and any other members of a development team. But also, anyone interacting closely with such a team - architects, analysts, programmers, database developers, testers, and team managers can all benefit from training. Having team members approach projects with a common understanding and all using the same terminology is valuable.

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