The Product Owner plays an essential role within the Scrum framework. This is the single person who is responsible for the success of a Product and for maximizing the value of that product. This involves much more than just traditional project management. Maximizing the product's value includes collaboration, managing stakeholders, and delivering, maintaining, and marketing the product.


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Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced Course ONLINE

Increasing value through the Product Owner

Agile techniques and the Scrum framework introduce many ways to improve project and product delivery, with teams working faster and closely aligning with business requirements. The concept and role of the Product Owner are important in this.

A traditional team manager is responsible for managing team members, reporting, and setting targets. This is important, but with Agile teams, the team does much of this itself. The role of the Product Owner is all about increasing the value of the product.

Professional Product Owner – Advanced training

Working as an effective Product Owner takes time, experience, and understanding. It is a key part of the Scrum framework, and as such, proper training is essential. The Advanced training will take this further for experienced Product Owners, helping them to deliver even more value.

To be a great Product Owner requires skills beyond the core of Agility and the Scrum framework – such as decision making, vision, communicating, and influencing.

As with most Scrum training courses, practical experience is highly valued. The course will include plenty of practical workshops, discussions, and exercises. Students will engage in different Product Owner stances to fully understand the multifaceted role of a great Product Owner.

Course contents and key objectives

The training will take Product Owner's knowledge and experience up a level. There are many aspects of the role that can be improved with better understanding. The collaborative and exploratory nature of the training will help attendees develop this. The main areas of the training include:

  • Learn more about the Product Owner role – including understanding products, identifying customers, and communicating product vision and strategy.

  • How to use product vision and strategy to create a competitive advantage for a product.

  • Learning and experiencing the different roles and stances a Product Owner needs to take.

  • Gaining more understanding of stakeholder communication and stakeholder management and the different groups of stakeholders involved.

  • Agile governance, budgeting, and contracting in relation to Scrum.

  • Scaling the Product Owner role to larger projects and products.

Expected Outcomes from training

This course aims to make existing Product Owners even better at their role. Participants will leave with a clear path to moving forward in their Product Owner journey. This ultimately should lead to more value being delivered for product stakeholders.

Who should attend training?

The Professional Product Owner – Advanced course is intended for experienced Product Owners. Anyone with experience working in this role (as a guide, at least one year) who wants to further their knowledge will benefit from this training. Attendees may well have taken the Professional Product Owner course already, but this is not essential with experience in the role.

The course is also appropriate for Scrum Masters and stakeholders who work with Product Owners.

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