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Merger and Acquisition Process With Agile

Agile consulting techniques have benefits for all types of business. They reflect the flexible nature of business today and introduce an iterative, and logical approach to project management. Agile is often associated with software development, but there are benefits for any large project. Mergers and acquisitions are one area that is seeing benefits – especially through Scrum’s focus on team engagement and communication.

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Agile Techniques & The Scrum Framework

Scrum is the leading implementation framework for Agile techniques. It introduces an iterative approach to projects, with a strong focus on producing results quickly and improving team communication.

Scrum has been in use for over 25 years, with more and more sectors realizing the befits for any large or complex project. Financial services have been something of a latecomer to this – as a more traditional sector with a focus on security and regulation.

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Avoiding the J Curve

As markets rapidly evolve, accelerated productivity is crucial to delivering value to your clients. While traditional disruptive change leads to an instant drop in output, our approach prevents any decrease in productivity from the very start. We embed sustainable skills in order to build momentum within your teams and remove the risk of a loss in pace.

Agile Techniques for Mergers & Acquisitions

The mergers and acquisitions sector is not the first that comes to mind when you look at the application of Agile techniques and Scrum. These are often associated more with software development. Mergers and acquisitions projects can benefit from this. But there are other areas too where the industry can use Scrum.

Scrum is well suited to any business project with different participants and rapidly changing or unclear requirements. Mergers and acquisitions, in many cases, meet this. Regular meetings and the expectation of building in changes as the project progress are highly relevant.

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Focussing The Team

A key benefit of Scrum for mergers and acquisitions projects is to refresh how team members work, both together and individually. Such projects move quickly, and having team members concentrate on long-term tasks is not the best approach. Scrum forces regular updates and re-prioritization. This keeps the project moving in the right direction and energizes teams.

Teamwork is essential to the successful completion of a mergers and acquisitions project. A report by consultancy McKinsey looked at many areas of improvement under Scrum. Critically, it showed that team engagement was improved by as much as 20% to 30%.

The benefits of Scrum are especially noticeable in the later stages of mergers and acquisitions activity. There is a huge amount of change going on for all parties involved. The more collaborative and interactive way of managing a Scrum project helps remove some of the negative consequences of this.

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Training For Mergers & Acquisitions Project Management Consultants

Which training is most appropriate for mergers and acquisitions project management consultants. There is plenty of training available that looks at the wider application of Scrum – not just for software development.

Teamwork is an essential part of mergers and acquisitions projects. As such, training that focuses on key role definitions for the team is very useful.

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Agile Consulting

Our agile consulting experts partner with you to guide your agile strategy, working closely with your team to ensure you can independently utilise agile frameworks, and consistently deliver value.

Project Recovery

We help firms reverse delivery failures by embedding pragmatic, effective agile approaches. Through close collaboration, we rapidly recover challenged programmes to accelerate delivery.

Online Scrum Training

We offer immersive, interactive online training to ensure future agilists thrive in today’s hyper-competitive world.

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