Online Agile Training Courses

We offer industry-leading, online Agile training courses certified by (the home of Scrum), with a 98% 1st time pass rate.

  • 0% PowerPoint 
  • 100% Interactive
  • Hands on practical skills – we show you how to implement and get things done

“Fantastic training delivered engagingly and interactively, I would highly recommend this company.”

Alice Willner, Manager for Tech Central at PwC

Introducing Agile Training

Accelerate your professional development with our exceptional Agile training courses led by passionate, certified, industry experts. Gain practical advice and skills that directly apply to your specific context, enhancing your day-to-day work.

“Excellent training with real-life scenarios and engaging, collaborative exercises.”

Join our growing community of learners, discover Agile strategies tailored to your needs, and grow together under the guidance of our experienced professionals.

Why Choose Fractal Systems?

We are invested in your learning journey and are here to support you from start to end, including offering additional valuable support:

  • Free practice assessments for certification success
  • Free resource bundle to master Scrum
  • Free exam revision sheets
  • Free access to an exam simulator
  • Free exam coaching sessions for first-time success
  • Free 1:1 coaching to excel at work

Join our transformative learning journey and drive tangible results in your organisation.

Why Choose Agile?

Agile is a project management style that offers innovative approaches and techniques for teams to work effectively. Agile training aims to:

  • Enhance self-governance, adaptability, efficiency, and business value, making it a valuable choice for organisations
  • Respond more effectively and efficiently to a changing environment
  • Deliver faster results and increased business value
  • Reduce the risk in business transformations
  • Build independence so you can go it alone consistently and confidently

Thanks Jay for a fun, focussed, interactive PSM11 course whilst equipping us with a toolbox of techniques to create high performing teams. Your passion for all things agile comes across. Refreshing and engaging learning.

Tony LoftusIT Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Why choose Fractal Systems for your Agile Training?

We are committed to elevating your professional development with our fresh, dynamic, Agile training. Beyond certification, our mission is to equip you with practical skills applicable to your role, enabling immediate changes.

“Discussions focus on accomplishing goals and adopting techniques, rather than enforcement. Anyone genuinely interested in transforming their working practices to achieve greater accountability, transparency and productivity is very fortunate indeed if they have the opportunity to do so by working with Jay from Fractal.

Ashley Lester, Global Head of Research at MSCI

What Makes Our Agile Training Different?

“Great PSM II training with Jay: informative, engaging, and practical. Highly recommended to all agile practitioners in my network.”

Gavin Simmons, Program Director at KBR Inc

Benefit from abundant resources and personalised 1:1 coaching for growth in your current role and future career. Our interactive approach avoids boring PowerPoint, ensuring effective learning even after the course.

Experience a unique journey with us, combining practical skills and genuine care for your success.

Jay's approach makes a complex subject simple. Zero PowerPoint is as refreshing as it is unique end effective! The goal of training is empowerment through knowledge and that's why Jay delivers!

Geoff WarrenHead of Commercial Excellence - Roche

Agile Training FAQs

What is Agile?

Agile training focuses on adopting an iterative, collaborative approach to project management, enabling teams to deliver value more effectively.

What are the benefits of Agile training?

Agile training offers a range of benefits to you and your company. For you, the training enhances your skills and knowledge in Agile methodologies, boosting your career prospects and personal growth. It promotes adaptability, critical thinking, effective communication, and collaboration skills, leading to higher job satisfaction. 

On the other hand, businesses benefit from enhanced project success, improved efficiency, better customer satisfaction, and the ability to adapt to changing market demands. Agile training foster streamlined workflows, efficient time management, and effective team collaboration, mitigating risks and promoting continuous improvement within the organisation. Ultimately, these training approaches empower your and your organisation to deliver value, achieve project goals, increase productivity, and thrive in today’s hyper-competitive business environment.

How long does Agile training typically take?

Our virtual Agile training courses typically run for 2 days. Following the training, we provide additional support to help you pass the assessment. This includes a dedicated “how to pass the exam” coaching call, personalised 1:1 assessment support to help you pass the first time, and various resources. You have the flexibility to schedule and take the assessment at a time that is convenient for you, allowing you to proceed at your own pace.

What sets your trainers apart?

Our trainers and coaches are deeply involved in the Agile industry, actively delivering, transforming, and recovering businesses and critical projects for renowned companies in the financial sector and beyond. Their extensive real-world experience is at the core of our online courses, as they are dedicated to teaching Agile practices that truly work. Benefit from their practical insights and industry expertise to gain valuable, usable knowledge and skills in our training programs. Explore our success stories here.

Who should attend Agile training?

Our Agile training online is beneficial for a range of individuals and teams involved in project management, software development, product management, and any industry looking to embrace a more flexible and efficient approach.

What learning methods are utilised in your Agile training courses?

Our training approach is rooted in practical, collaborative techniques that actively engage you in the course material. Research demonstrates that active learning, which involves tasks, discussions, and feedback, accelerates learning, enhances information retention, fosters critical thinking, and boosts confidence and independence. Studies consistently show that active learning can yield an average 50% improvement over traditional learning methods. To ensure an exceptional learning experience, we have adopted a zero-powerpoint policy and designed our courses to deliver a uniquely dynamic and engaging learning environment.

How does your Agile training help me apply Agile principles to my specific role and organisation?

As an integral part of our Agile courses, we foster open discussions and welcome questions that relate to the theory and its practical application within your specific context. This interactive approach ensures that you not only acquire knowledge but also gain the confidence to effectively implement and apply it in your role. We believe in empowering you to fully embrace the learnings and successfully integrate them into your professional practice to excel in your career and deliver your company’s goals.

Are there any recommended resources or materials to prepare for Agile training?

If you’d like to prepare for Agile training our free resources are a great way to familiarise yourself with Agile or Scrum principles. We recommend exploring our library of free blogs focusing on a range of topics, subscribing to our newsletter for all the latest in Agile, and engaging in online discussions or forums to gain insights from the Agile community. Enjoy regular thought leadership content and news on our Fractal Systems page or check out the latest from our Co-Founder Jay Rahman on Linkedin.  

Is the exam included?

Yes – After training completion, you’ll receive an exam link you can complete at your convenience (you get 2 attempts!). You’ll also get personalised coaching, 1:1 exam support, and a free resources bundle to aid your learning.