PSPO 1 Practice Test

Preparing for your Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification? Enhance your understanding of the core principles and examination format with our free PSPO 1 Practice Test. Simply register online and we will send you a link via email.

Access our PSPO 1 Practice Exam

Use this practice assessment to assess your own understanding of Product Backlog management, optimising the team’s work value, and ensuring that the Development Team fully understands the backlog to prioritise effectively and how to maximise the value of a product.

As you prepare for the Professional Scrum Product Owner I certification, our mock test is a valuable resource to enhance your readiness. The open assessment allows individuals to solidify their knowledge of the course information, test this against sample questions and also familiarise themselves with the format of the exam. Simply complete the form to register and we will send you a free link to our PSPO practice exam.

Before attempting it we recommend reading our insightful post on “How to pass the Professional Scrum Product Owner I Assessment from (PSPO I)“ for expert tips.For further learning register your place on one of our upcoming PSPO I Training Courses.

What to expect from our PSPO 1 Mock Test

All of our tests have been created and curated by our certified Head trainer, Jay Rahman, who has 20 years of cross-sector experience.

The PSPO 1 Practice Test has been specifically designed to help immerse you in a realistic exam environment, tailored with specialised questions to evaluate your grasp of Product Backlog management and effective value maximisation.

By utilising this simulated exam environment you will be able to gain valuable insights into your strengths and also areas that may require improvement, ultimately refining your understanding of key concepts. In addition, you can familiarise yourself with time limits, the structure of the exam, including sample questions, and how to best answer them. These online open assessments are incredibly valuable in preparing you for the real PSPO 1 exam, helping you to pass.

Jay's approach makes a complex subject simple. Zero PowerPoint is as refreshing as it is unique end effective! The goal of training is empowerment through knowledge and that's why Jay delivers!

Geoff WarrenHead of Commercial Excellence - Roche

Open Assessment FAQs

What is the Free PSPO 1 Mock Test, and how do I access it?

The Free PSPO 1 Mock Test is a comprehensive evaluation designed to assess your understanding of Product Backlog management and the art of maximising product value. Upon registration, you’ll gain access to this invaluable tool that not only validates your knowledge but also offers targeted insights to elevate your readiness for the Professional Scrum Product Owner 1 certification. After submitting your details, keep an eye out for an email link which will take you through to the online test.

How can the PSPO 1 Mock Test contribute to my preparation for the Professional Scrum Product Owner 1 certification?

Our PSPO training course is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of the key concepts of a Professional Scrum Product Owner. This includes the Product Owner’s responsibilities within key Scrum ceremonies such as Sprint planning, optional Daily scrums, Sprint Refinement, Sprint Reviews and the Sprint Retrospectives. The mock test itself creates an opportunity for you to put this knowledge to the test. In addition, it is an effective method to highlight any further learning that may be required prior to taking the real exam.

In this way, the PSPO 1 mock test has been strategically designed to elevate your preparation for your certification.

Can you provide more insights into your post on "How to pass the Professional Scrum Product Owner 1 Assessment from (PSPO 1)"?

Absolutely! Our enlightening post offers expert tips and strategies to excel in the Professional Scrum Product Owner 1 assessment. It equips you with practical guidance on navigating the exam, managing your time efficiently, and focusing on crucial concepts.

How can I enrol in an upcoming PSPO 1 Training Course?

Enrol in our upcoming PSPO 1 Training Courses. These courses offer a practical, interactive exploration of the Professional Scrum Product Owner I certification. Immerse yourself in guided learning, real-world examples, and zero-powerpoint, 100% interactive sessions. Additionally, gain exclusive access to a dedicated “How to Pass the Exam” session and continued 1:1 support, empowering you with tailored strategies to excel in the Professional Scrum Product Owner I assessment.

Is there a cost to take the mock test?

No, our PSPO practice test is completely free. After you register, we’ll send you a direct link to the PSPO mock exam via email. Dive in and best of luck!